We are two young entrepreneurs dedicated to lead our next generations environment towards a better future. It was generated from an idea after one of us grew up in a family that owns a textile company which has been working for over 160 years non-stop. After seeing their products while growing up, the idea of using this company as a resource was a dream to follow the family legacy in an innovative way. We decided it was time to pursue our ideas because we saw how people were treating the environment leading to significant environmental problems. Our idea is to start leading the path to a cleaner and safer environment eliminating plastic and non-bio-friendly materials overuse with our biodegradable items.

Canel-li brand was created representing our lovely dog’s name. The focus of Canel-li is to create biodegradable products eliminating the use of non-bio-friendly items which are being overused in our current market. By simply eliminating plastic grocery bags, we are making a huge impact in our environment. Our organic products decompose, if put on direct sunlight for about a year and a half. The main point is that plastic is calculated to decompose in about 10-1000 years, so this is the reason for our main business motto: “Say NO to Plastic.” We can create almost any daily-use product into a biodegradable one, with our own touch of fashion.

Our Factory:

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